The facility provides high-quality services in cell sorting and analysis, data analysis, and instrument and software training.

- Cell Sorter: 4-laser, 15-color BD Influx high-speed sorter

Features Include:

  • Small particle detector
  • 4 nozzle sizes (70, 86, 100, and 130 micron)-optimal for sorting a wide range of cell and particle sizes
  • Up to 6-way sorting
  • Plate with Index sorting
  • Violet, Blue, Yellow/Green, and Red lasers

-Cell Sorter: 4 laser, 6-color Sony SH800z sorter

Features Include:

  • 100 or 130 micron nozzle sizes for sorting a wide range of cells. 
  • 2-way sorting into 15 mL or 5 mL tubes. 
  • Index and plate sorting
  • Automated setup and alignment. Available for unassisted use. 
  • Violet, Blue, Yellow/Green, and Red lasers

- Cell Analyzer: 3-laser, 12 color BD Celesta analyzer

Features Include:

  • Automated QC
  • Violet, Blue, and Red lasers

- Cell Analyzer: 3-laser, 36 channel Cytek Aurora analyzer

Features Include:

  • Capable of 24-color panels
  • Autofluorescence extraction
  • Small particle detector with violet laser
  • Violet, Blue, and Red lasers 

Data Analysis
- Site Licenses 

Software Offered:

  • FCS Express
  • Flowjo

Use of the facility incurs a nominal fee. Services are billed by the quarter-hour at the following rates:

  • Cell Sorting: $125/hour GWU researchers
  • Cell Analysis: $80/hour assisted $45/hour unassisted GWU researchers
  • Data Analysis: $95/hour GWU researchers

External Users should contact staff for usage rates

All users of the facility sign up for appointments via a google calendar. Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For access to instrument calendars please contact staff.

The core facility operates under BSL2+ conditions

For Your Safety All users must comply with policies and procedures as outlined by the University’s Office of Lab Safety and Office of Health and Safety.

Office of Lab Safety

Division of Safety and Security